Aruna Chandrasekhar

Aruna Chandrasekhar

Writer, Researcher, Consultant.

Photojournalism, research, consultancy for non-profits. Business and Human Rights, extractive industries, indigenous issues, climate change, environment, music, comedy and communications.

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The Caravan

The Anatomy Of A Fake Surrender

A Movement Against Bauxite Mining In Odisha’s Niyamgiri Hills And The State’s Efforts To Circumvent It.

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How the Ganga and GST are hijacking India's clean energy fund

The National Clean Energy and Environment Fund is being used to finance the government’s pet projects even as mining-hit Adivasi communities are neglected.

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India is moving away from coal, but what is it doing about ...

Before digging up fresh mines, India would do well to focus on the rights of mining-affected communities. India has asked for equity in global climate talks, arguing that the developed nations must bear a greater share of the cost of clean energy because they have contributed to more pollution through fossil fuels.

The principle of equity holds true within countries and not just between countries.

When Human Rights Broke The Internet in India | Newslaundry

The definitive he-said-she-said of India's Third Universal Periodic Review, where its human rights track record went up for international scrutiny.

Norway's Wealth Fund Blacklists Vedanta, Other Indian Firms Over ...

Why the World’s Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund is Leaving Indian Companies in the Cold and What That Tells Us About Make in India.

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"When Land Is Lost, Do We Eat Coal?"

Coal Mining and Violations of Adivasi Rights in India.

A research report for Amnesty International.

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The Guardian

Coal India accused of bulldozing human rights amid production boom

Coal India accused of bulldozing human rights amid ...

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The Cost of Coal - Virtual Reality Documentary, Virtual Reality ...

One of India's first virtual reality films shot in Korba- a district in Central India- home to some of India's largest coal mines, its densest forests and most vulnerable Adivasi communities. Through the story of a Kanwar Adivasi woman who is set to lose her land and a local activist fighting for justice, the film comments on the present day development paradigm, where those who pay the price for development seldom benefit from it.

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The Caravan

Why Are Government Deliberations Regarding the Land Ordinance ...

A photo-essay for Caravan's Vantage on India's land-acquisition bill and the communities it would affect, if passed.

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How Chhattisgarh adivasis taught the State a lesson

Long-form piece. Reportage on a village assembly, where indigenous communities rejected mining on their forest lands for the fourth time in a row.

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Amnesty blames NTPC for acquiring land ‘unlawfully’, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

Original research, fact-finding. Found evidence that NTPC was mining on forest land using false consent documents. First to release this news.

Cost of Coal: The Mind's Eye | The Indian Express

Cost of Coal: The Mind's Eye | The Indian Express

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Rethink land Bill changes - The Financial Express.

Op-ed for the Financial Express, while the Indian government was pushing through a disastrous land acquisition bill.

Podcast: Aruna Chandrasekhar on the Business & Human Rights ...

Podcast: Aruna Chandrasekhar on the Business & Huma...