Aruna Chandrasekhar

Aruna Chandrasekhar

Writer, Researcher, Consultant.

Photojournalism, research, consultancy for non-profits. Business and Human Rights, extractive industries, indigenous issues, climate change, environment, music, film, communications.

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Mining patriotism and other stories - Livemint

"Rights of citizens are slim, as has been proven time and again by media investigations and human rights activists alike, and most recently by an excellently researched report by the human rights watchdog Amnesty International India—When Land is Lost, Do We Eat Coal?: Coal Mining and Violations of Adivasi Rights in India—released in mid-2016.

The report, available at, details the fuzzy process of notifications, pressure applied by corporations for villagers to come on board, forced compensation and evictions, police action on protesters and numerous other ills that plague the application of human rights in business."