Aruna Chandrasekhar

Aruna Chandrasekhar

Writer, Researcher, Consultant.

Photojournalism, research, consultancy for non-profits. Business and Human Rights, extractive industries, indigenous issues, climate change, environment, music, film, communications.

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India is moving away from coal, but what is it doing about ...

Before digging up fresh mines, India would do well to focus on the rights of mining-affected communities. India has asked for equity in global climate talks, arguing that the developed nations must bear a greater share of the cost of clean energy because they have contributed to more pollution through fossil fuels.

The principle of equity holds true within countries and not just between countries.

Why two adivasi women and an activist refused to ask for bail in ...

Undertook research on violations and broke this to the media as the situation was unfolding. Local activists and Adivasi women detained were released, and the district administration yielded to community demands on rehabilitation.